Refresh Workshop

November 2016…yes 2016…I am that behind with my blogging…

I know I know, I’ll try to get better.

First off, this experience is important to share because it helped me understand my business and grow it in a way that makes sense for me.

I tend to get into a creative rut where I am suddenly not motivated or inspired by anything anymore. I question myself and my passion for photography and hope one day I get that spark again and push forward. Attending this particular workshop was what got me out of my rut at the end of 2016. I learned so much and met some amazing photographers there, who are still inspiring me and encouraging me today.

My social media feeds are littered with other photographers and every day I scroll through so many beautiful and inspirational images that it all becomes diluted. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to keep growing. I truly want to create beautiful images for my clients that evoke lots of emotions and memories. So when I came across the Refresh Workshop which was in Peterborough, Ontario I jumped at the opportunity. I had just started following Jennifer Moher and Hugh Whitaker right before signing up but fell in love with their work and approach to photography very quickly. It was such an amazing opportunity to meet them both while attending and Jennifer’s second shooter Erin Lester too! I learnt so much and I am continuously learning from them still with their online community. It was a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is feeling a little stuck creatively.

The Refresh Workshop 01The Refresh Workshop 02The Refresh Workshop 03The Refresh Workshop 07The Refresh Workshop 04The Refresh Workshop 05The Refresh Workshop 06The Refresh Workshop 08The Refresh Workshop 09The Refresh Workshop 10The Refresh Workshop 11The Refresh Workshop 12The Refresh Workshop 13The Refresh Workshop 14The Refresh Workshop 16The Refresh Workshop 15The Refresh Workshop 20The Refresh Workshop 21The Refresh Workshop 22The Refresh Workshop 17The Refresh Workshop 18The Refresh Workshop 19The Refresh Workshop 23


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