Hessenland Country Inn Wedding

I had the honour of photographing Kristen and Kurtis’s wedding at the Hessenland Country Inn this summer. After meeting the two, I thought Kurtis and Kristen had the most AMAZING love story (it gave me chills). I was instantly counting down the days until I could document their love story. I wanted to share a little of their story with you:

Kristen and Kurtis met in their summer of grade 9 while volunteering during the Hurricane Katrina clean up. When they both returned home they chatted on MSN all the time and shortly after they started dating. Both Kristen and Kurtis had told their parents they were in relationship. Which their parents thought little of since Kristen lived in Canada and Kurtis in the United States! However, both sets of parents would soon learn that this relationship was more than just a fling. Kurtis along with his father flew to Canada to surprise Kristen at her high school semi-formal. The two would continue to fly back and forth always showing up unexpectedly and shocking the other. After 5 years together Kurtis popped the question, which led these two genuine and wonderful humans to this special day.

Kristen also took some time to write a little something about her special day:

We truly had an incredible wedding day, blessed with the presence of our closest friends and family. We are so impressed with Melissa’s work and pleased that she was able to capture the joy, laughter, and love that filled our special day. Melissa was amazing and fun to work with; she was professional, made an effort to understand what Kurtis and I wanted, and was flexible to meet all our wedding day needs.

The day went smoothly and was stress free thanks to the wisdom and guidance of Liz Ihrig, owner and wedding coordinator at Hessenland Country Inn. Hessenland was the perfect venue as the property provided beautiful backdrops for our ceremony and reception, delicious food prepared by Liz’s talented husband Frank Ihrig and kitchen staff, as well as friendly and professional serving staff. And everyone was blown away by the DJ from Central Music who gave us a personalized playlist of music. This DJ completely fit in with our family, he even participated in our karaoke kissing game! He knew when to serenade us with our own eclectic style, and could also get all the guests up on the dance floor, setting the tone for an awesome party. Overall, it was everything we could hope for and so much more.

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